Hindi meaning of intention

hindi meaning of intention

Inflected forms. intents (noun plural). Definitions and Meaning of intent in English. adjective. giving or marked by complete attention to. Examples - then wrapped. Intention - Hindi meanings: अभिप्राय - abhipraaya, Definition & Synonyms English to Hindi dictionary gives you the best and accurate Hindi translation and. Pronunciation of intention. इन्टेन्चन / इन्टेन्शन. Meanings of intention in Hindi Definitions and Meaning of intention in English. noun. an act of. English to Hindi Dictionary Apps Android. EXPLORE HINKHOJ English to Hindi Dictionary Hindi to English Dictionary Dictionary Words Learn English Hindi Dictionary Blog Add to Chrome. ABOUT THE SITE About Contact us Term and Use Disclaimer Privacy Policy Career. Will you bring me back jake games free scent from Paris? Tags for the entry "intent" What intent means in Hindi, intent meaning in Hindi, intent definition, examples and pronunciation of intent in Hindi language. These pills should take the pain away These pills should bring the pain away. RELATED SIMILAR WORDS Synonyms:


intention meaning in hindi

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