How to pay with maestro

how to pay with maestro

It is a Maestro, but seems to have a very short card number and no expiry If you want to order online German sites have payment via bank. Can I make online payments using my V PAY or Maestro card? Answers and rapid assistance can be found here. Using a Swiss debit card (UBS in this case), just how do you go about paying online for websites like Amazon or fleaBay? It doesn't seem to. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. So you do not "need" a card at all. Maestro cards operate differently than regular Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Can you pay online with Maestro card? I googled for "Sonstige Provisionen des Zahlungsverkehr" yesterday and one of the websites I came across said something about a 50 Euro charge to freeze a DB account.

How to pay with maestro - werden

You need to get someone with a firm knowledge of German who can look at it with you and help you set it up. Unless I am missing something. It will simply say 'issue' followed by a one or two digit numbers. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Otherwise if you want to order from sites outside Germany, you need a prepaid or standard credit card. What you probably have is an EC card. If it is a bank error, as can happen, they should reverse the fees and not charge for the new card.


how to do online recharge/transaction/buy with card doesn't have CVV Code or Expiry date how to pay with maestro

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